Thinking Day SWAPS by Country
Welcome to my Thinking Day section. Each WAGGGS Country has it's own page. If a country is for some reason no longer included, I will still leave it up, since they might regain their membership in the future. Newly joined countries are added during my regular checks to make sure I have everyone covered. Please contact me if you are doing a country not listed and I will whip up what I can for you. 

I know preparing for Thinking Day is a busy time. It was definitely my highest selling time periods. SWAPS4Free is here to make this time a little easier. I am currently working to ensure that there are several different styles of SWAPS available for each country, which is a big job! 

There is also an International themed section, which includes SWAPS that could work for several countries, including my language SWAPS. Be sure to peek at the Food section as well, when choosing your SWAPS!