S'mores SWAPS
Craft foam can be turned into just about anything if your good with scissors and use the right glue. Throw in a pattern and you're good to go with my various foam SWAPS.
For these SWAPS you will need: 
  • Tan and brown colored craft foam
  • Cotton Balls
  • Google Eyes
  • Scissors 
  • Permanent markers if desired
  • Safety Pins
  • Tacky Glue
Assembly Instructions
1. Cut the tan craft foam into 2 inch squares.

2. Cut the brown craft foam into 1.5 inch squares.  You will need two tan, one brown, and one cotton ball for each swap. 

3. Glue the s'mores together. For these S'mores, I put the choclate on sideways so that it sticks out. Make sure to use enough glue on the cotton ball. If you pull the cotton ball apart slightly, you can give it the appearance of melted marshmallow. 

4. Glue on google eyes. 

5. Allow to dry. 

6. Use a permaent marker to draw on smiles. 

5. Just slip a pin through the craft foam or hot glue a flat backed pin to the backside!  

Note: If desired, you can add marks to simulate the lines on the graham cracker. 

For more of this type of SWAPS, try the Craft Foam Page
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