Ode to my Sleeping Bag SWAPS
Card SWAPS are quick and easy, and usually require little more than cardstock and a pin!
For these SWAPS you will need: 
  • felt cut into 3x4 inch rectangles
  • Cardstock
  • embroidery floss 
  • Scissors 
  • Safety Pins
  • the Download File
Assembly Instructions
1. Download the document and print as many pages as desired to make the number of SWAPS you need. 

2. Roll up the felt tightly. 

3. Using embroidery floss, tie the rolls snugly and trim off excess floss. 

4. Cut apart the cards along the black lines. 
5. Slip a pin through the bedroll. 

6. Either punch a hole in the card for the pin or just push it through the corner of the card, securing the bedroll to it.