Site News
Site switched over to new build. I'm working on more fall, harvest, and Thanksgiving SWAPS, as well as Winter/Christmas and will begin posting soon.

Halloween glitter Baggie SWAPS posted. More baggies to come. 
Halloween Vial SWAPS posted 
Halloween SWAPS are going up! More to come. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see the progress as new SWAPS are created! 
Replaced links in sidebar with buttons 
SWAPS are being added every few days as I work to get through them. I am alternating between Thinking Day and regular SWAPS. You may not notice changes daily, as I am uploading the new files in batches. 
The site has an all new look, and you might notice the web address is a sub-domain. The regular web address will direct you here, so no worries. I've got the main pages set up, and will be adding more as quickly as I can. Things will look different, the site layout will no longer be blog style, so things will be organized slightly differently, but it will offer the same SWAPS as before, and even more, soon enough. I appreciate your patience. I think the hardest part about all of this will be correcting Pinterest links! 
As I am working, there will be some dead links, or theme and country pages with no SWAPS showing yet. Please forgive the mess.