Booklet Assembly
How to Assemble Booklet SWAPS
Booklet SWAPS are easy and also can be educational. Have you ever wanted to make a booklet SWAP you've seen online but have no idea how to format that kind of thing? Well, I've made my files available for download! I've taken the time to update my images and make them fancier than they used to be, as I've learned a great deal about image manipulation over the years. 
No matter the booklet, the number of inner pages, the different shapes, they're all assembled in the same basic way. Rather than repeat the instructions literally hundreds of times, I figured it would be much easier to refer all booklet SWAPS to one page of instructions. I'll be using the Leave No Trace Principles Booklet as the example. 



Basic Supplies Necessary 

  • the downloadable PDF file for the booklet SWAPS you are making 
  • paper and/or cardstock and a printer 
  • paper cutter if available 
  • scissors 
  • embroidery floss/yarn/ribbon 
  • pins 
  • hole punch 
  • beads, if desired 

First, you'll need to look through the PDF and determine how many covers and inner sheets you will need to print to make your desired number of SWAPS. 
Print out the correct number of pages of the document. I recommend printing the covers on cardstock for durability, but the inner pages can be printed on regular printer paper. You can do everything on regular paper if you're in a pinch. 

Gather the rest of your supplies. 

Cut along the lines and sort into booklets. The amount of inner pages to each booklet varies from SWAP to SWAP. 


Make sure your stack is lined up and then punch a hole in the upper left corner of the pages. With some of the thicker booklets, you may need to do this in batches, as your hole punch likely will not be able to punch through that many sheets at once. 
Once your hole is punched, secure the pages together using a Larks Head knot with yarn or embroidery floss. 


You can then embellish as desired, either with a braid of embroidery floss or with pony beads.

Don't forget to top it off with a pin and cut the excess off. 

Note: If you are a leader or parent prepping these SWAPS for your troop, I recommend cutting apart the covers, as well as trimming the edges off the inner pages and cutting into strips. Give each scout their covers and the strips of inner pages so they can cut them apart and then assemble the booklets. 
If your scouts are not adept with scissors, you can cut apart the inner pages into the individual pages instead of just strips. If you choose to do so, I recommend paper clips to keep the booklets together and organized until they can be fully assembled.