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 Curvy Brownie Vest SWAPS

Craft foam can be turned into just about anything if your good with scissors and use the right glue. Throw in a pattern and you're good to go with my various foam SWAPS.

For Curvy Brownie Vest SWAPS you will need:
  • Brown craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Black pen or fine tipped indelible marker
  • Safety Pins
  • Pattern

How to use my patterns

Assembly Instructions

1. Download the document and print the pattern on cardstock. Cut it out carefully to use as a tracing template.

2. Trace the pattern on the craft foam with care.

3. You can cut the vests apart from the sheet before cutting them apart, which makes it easier.

4. Using either a black pen or a fine point indelible marker, draw the definition lines, as shown.

5. Just slip a pin through one of the upper shoulders of the vest!

Note: I have several versions of vests, sashes, and tunics, with and without patches. Choose your favorite style!