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Scout SWAPS are great! SWAPS are fun, creative, and can even be unique! They can also be a challenge, especially if you aren't the craftiest of the bunch. There are ideas everywhere, the cutest pictures on Pinterest, so much so that it can be hard to settle for one. There are also nice, convenient premade kits available online, but they're expensive. You're paying for that convenience when, in reality, you don't need to. The markup on what are usually essentially just a few simple and common supplies is ridiculous and unless you're buying completed SWAPS, they're not that much of a time saver either. You can do it yourself. It's far easier than you think and I'm going to help you!

No, really, trust me! Even you, the 'I glue my fingers together more often than the actual craft' people. Even you, the 'I can't draw a straight line to save my life' people. Even you who think you're completely craft illiterate. Everyone can learn and the lessons truly aren't that difficult.

Here, you will find easy to follow, step by step instructions, (with pictures) for fun and adorable SWAPS, both the classics and the more original and unique. You will learn the tips and tricks I've picked up over the years, including the few cheap and easy items that will make your crafting life easier, the basics and the essentials. You will find downloadable/printable files for patterns, labels, tags, poems, and more. Even those fancy little cookie boxes and license plates that look impossible! I'll help you find the cheapest supplies possible, including things you probably throw away on a regular basis. Wouldn't it be great to know what to start collecting as both scout leaders and scout parents, so that you don't have to scramble to get your hands on something that should be free? You'll find an ever growing list of recyclable items great for SWAPS. You will also (eventually) find links to videos on YouTube, for the more visual learners.

Whether it's something as simple as a bedroll or something as complex as a quiver of arrows or a fully decorated vest, I'll break it down for you. I'll sort by theme so you can find just the perfect thing for your scout or your event. Have a favorite that you'd love to make yourself but don't know how? Let me know and I'll reverse engineer it for you!

Newest Posted SWAPS

Juliette G. Low Birthday Card

Juliette G. Low Birthday Card

Juliette G. Low Birthday Card

Juliette G. Low Birthday Card

Juliette G. Low Birthday Card

Juliette G. Low Birthday Card

JGL Birthday Card w/Envelopes

Juliette G. Low Portrait

Juliette G. Low Portrait

Juliette G. Low Portrait

Juliette G. Low Portrait

Juliette G. Low Portrait

Juliette G. Low Scrapbook Page

Juliette G. Low Scrapbook Page
Juliette G. Low Quote Tags
Juliette G. Low Fact Tags

Blood of Dracula Vial

Bottled Snakebite Vial

Bottled Spider Bite Vial

Bottled Vampire Bite

Bottled Werewolf Bite

Condensed Swamp Fog Vial

Eye of Newt Vial

Graveyard Dust Vial

Moon Dust Vial

Powdered Bat Wing Vial

Salt Lines Vial

Witch's Brew Vial

Wolfsbane Vial

Zombie Distraction Vial

Zombie Virus Vial

Powdered Bat Wing Baggie

Zombie Distraction (Brains) Baggie

Blood of Dracula Baggie

Eye of Newt Baggie

Graveyard Dust Baggie

Moon Dust Baggie

Salt Lines Baggie

Condensed Swamp Fog Baggie

Witch's Brew Baggie

Wolfsbane Baggie

Zombie Virus Baggie

Fairy Dust Vial


GS Sandman Vial

Green Blood Vial

I Caught a Ghost Vial

Scout Spirit Vial

Timey Wimey Vial

Vampire Blood Vial

Pirate Hats

Pirate Hats w/Crossbones

Brownie Ghosts

Junior Ghosts

Cadette Ghosts

Camp T-Shirts

Alien Spaceships

Colorful Ball Caps with Hair

Ball Caps Scout with Hair

Colorful Camp Bucket Hats w/ Hair

Camp Bucket Hat Scout with Hair

Colorful Cowgirl Hats with Hair

Scout Colors Cowgirl with Hair

Cowgirl Hats with Hair

Pirate Hat with Hair

Pirate Hat with Crossbones & Hair

Junior Sash

Cadette Sash

Daisy 3D Vests

Brownie 3D Vests

Junior 3D Vests

Cadette 3D Vests

Mosquito Myths vs Facts

Pizza Around the World

Daisy Tunic

Daisy Tunic over Shirt

Brownie Sash over Shirt

Junior Sash over Shirt

Cadette Sash over Shirt

Daisy Vest over Shirt

Brownie Vest over Shirt

Junior Vest over Shirt

Cadette Vest over Shirt